Candy Cheats Hello Kitty Village for Android

If you wan to get free candy in hello kitty village game, you can join the game then invite your friend to play it

hello kitty village tips

Inviting your Facebook Friends will give you an advantage to collect a bunch of candy that you will need to complete tasks throughout the game

Sending 3 invitations to your facebook friends will earn you 5 Candy
Meanwhile, inviting 10 of them to play this game will provide you 20 Candy
And a number of 30 friends playing this game will serve you 70 Candy to collect
So the more you invite them, the more candy you will gather along the game

In this game, you will play as Hello Kitty who wants to cheer up Grandpa.
Therefore, you will help her learn about a beautiful village contest that is held once every two years to award the European suburb that accomplishes the best makeover.

If you win the award it will bring the people back to her village and make Grandpa happy in which you and her friends will beautify the village.

In your journey to make hello kitty`s village come to beautiful one, you will struggle to eradicate the little prankster Bad Badtz-Maru that keeps interfering with Hello Kitty and Friends.

On the other side, you will also have to take care of all the crops before they die and overcome all the hardship then win the award for the most beautiful village.

Some cute villagers will come out to help you complete buildings.
In accordance with this, you will meet various villagers like Mr. Patissier in the Bakery, Pierrot in the Circus, and many more of them.

Requesting help in your friends’ villages will come to more experience points and level her up.
With your friends, you can work together on reviving rotten crops in your friends’ villages, or stealing good crops from them.

In order to collect money in this game, you can enrich your village by growing crops and fruit.
Then, just cultivate fields and plant trees to grow crops and fruit then sell the crops and fruit that you harvest for having more money.

In connection with the village`s decorations, you can choose from over 150 kinds of decorative items to make your village beautiful.

Furthermore, you will be allowed to have any decoration needed to beautify your village, such as a playground to a palace that can be placed anywhere.

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