Stars Coins Cheats Help for Heroes Hero Bears Android

In help for heroes hero bears game, you will have to accomplish every single goal successfully so that you can get gold coins

help for heroes hero bears guides

This game will assign you to take control of two medics carrying a wounded soldier on a stretcher.
During that actions, you will have to avoid traps and obstacles while helping the bears arrive at the teddy bear hospital or medical tent for wounded stuffed animals safely.

In the way of carrying on your buddy on top a stretcher, you will be headed with some obstacles vary from barrels, to rope-swinging recruits, to army trucks, to wooden boxes.

All you have to do is pretty simple as you will just use either a swipe up to jump or a swipe down to slide for passing through every obstacle and running in extreme weather.

Once collecting enough coins, you will be allowed to purchase power ups that will be helpful to complete every given mission and give you a lot of advantage to do more actions

This game offers 90 missions to complete and 18 achievements awaits to unlock via Game Center integration in which you will run as far and rack up as many points as you can to compete and rank up the leaderboards then share and post your scores on Facebook and twitter.

Every time you accomplish every mission in this game, you will earn daily rewards and power-ups that you can use throughout the game to save the lives of many brave soldiers and their families.

For further mission, this game will test your solidarity that you must help out real Heroes of this game and run as far as you can while tapping and swiping to avoid dangerous obstacles, and helping the Hero Bears run their paws off automatically in every condition

While running, you will also jump over tires, slide under fences, leap over trenches and dodge bouncing barrels then guide the Hero Bears through miles of traps, complete the challenging missions and make a ton of score points

On the other words, you will guide the Hero Bears jumping over tires, sliding under fences and leaping trenches as you go.
There will be also moving obstacles to avoid, such as bouncing barrels and low flying birds.

Thus, you simply swipe up and down to clear treacherous hazards throughout the path ahead then gather power-ups and coins to purchase upgrades and even more power-ups.

In addition, this game also allows you to change weather and scenery so that it will get this game interested to play as you help the Hero Bears run as far as they can with their wounded brother while trying to avoid flying birds, chugging bikes along the way

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