Tokens Coins Cheats Hero DeckMasters on Android

In hero deckmasters tcg, you play as the child who has to save the world, and to be the strongest hero in this game that you can do by collecting Hero Cards with the power of ancient heroes.
Then, you must build a badass deck and use it to beat opponents both in the PvP modes and in the single player quests.

hero deckmasters tips

Furthermore, you will be prompted to collect more than 300 Hero Cards that consist of three races namely Man, Monster, and Robot.
Once collecting those cards, you must use the power of deckmaster to fuse the collected cards and take on other masters to become the ultimate Hero DeckMaster

Sometimes, in order to start powering up your cards, you will have to gather more cards.
Thus, by powering up your cards, you will end up with a lot of semi-useless one-star fodder cards in your travels, so that you can use them to power up the cards in your current party, especially the rare or high star rating cards, which will be your top priority as they are the ones most affected to be used to beat tougher opponents.

Throughout the game, you will really need gold coins, as the main currency of this game
In line with this, when you are struggling along the game, you can go back to missions that you have already beaten and replay them.

Doing so will load up on cards, gold and even token points, plus experience points.
So as you gain levels, you will be able to assign stat points to either AP or BP
Meanwhile, yo can also choose depending on whether you prefer questing or dueling against other players.

Evolving cards is a fairly complex affair in this game in which every card has its own combination of material cards that are necessary to make the evolution happen.

This essentially involves merging the right combination of cards together to get a new card with a higher rarity.
Later on, you will notice the recipe light up on the evolution screen when you have all of the required cards to make it work on evolution.

Once evolving a card, its level will go back down to one.
At this point, the next step is where the huge stat boost comes in and you have to boost the card again.

After going through boosting process, the stats will be higher to begin with.
For such reasons, after you boost it, the stats will skyrocket yet again.
Anyway a balance of boosting and evolving will result in an extremely powerful team.

Note that, after having some powerful cards, you can set the deck to “auto” so that the most powerful cards will always be in your party.
And, set both your attack and defense decks to auto as well.

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