Gems Cheats Heroes Charge for Android

Heroes Charge is a new RPG which allows you to play as a mix of characters such as pirates, witches and other psuedomythical creatures then you will meet heroes with the same form in that each of them is equipped with a large assortment of weapons and armor and you will meet a surprisingly innovative new evolution system in this game.

heroes of charge guides

Furthermore, you can do a lot in this game, but most of it is locked behind experience walls
It means that you must reach a certain experience level before you can unlock it.

In order to level up your heroes, you can stay in the campaign mode and keep hammering away at it as well as watching your experience levels grow.
Thus if you can get further, you will earn more stars, so that you will be able to unlock more features in the main area.

Meanwhile, to improve your heroes, you can try equipping them with all six necessary weapons, then promoting them.
Here, you can go to the heroes menu whenever you end a battle, and search for the plus sign sitting in an empty equipment slot next to one of your heroes in which in this slot, you now have a piece of equipment that they can equip.
And, when promoting them, all six of those equipment pieces will disappear but the hero will be boosted to the next promotion level.

On the other side, you should upgrade your heroes skills in order to improve your heroes.
This will start off cheap and end up expensive after you upgrade past level five or more
However, this will deliver a lot of damage or healing power, for the healer heroes to their special attacks.

Anyway, if you run out of gold or item slots, you can then start selling old equipment that you do not need for having more gold.
Later on, if you have fought a battle and you decide to fight it once more, you can try to use either the raid option or the auto-fight option.

Auto-fight activates special moves automatically
And, raid finishes the battle quickly without having to watch it.

So, you will simply get to auto-farm it for experience, gold and items.
If you have VIP with level 4, you can raid it 10 times in a row, as it will provide you 10 raid tickets.

As far as experience levels and promotions go with your other heroes, you can either use your EXP vials for quick level-ups or you can take it to an older battle and farm it as much as you need to until your experience level is up.

In addition, collecting soul stones of various new heroes will also unlock them.
After you have all of the requires soul stones, you can now summon that hero and add it to your party.

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