Chapters Stamp Cheats Hitman Go on Android

Hitman Go is a kind of a puzzle-based board game, where you will learn as an elite assassin running his life on the murderous tactics

hitman go guides

Here, you will need to elude guards, collect briefcases and take out targets while accomplishing secondary goals to move on to the next level.

In the way of completing each goal, you have the option to either sneak past or take out guards or a target as you work to an objective point of each stage.

At this point, you will need to time your moves properly, as some guards move at the same time you do.
However, if you are in their targeting range, you will be caught.
So take the time to learn each level.

Meanwhile, watch for guard movements or positions and plan accordingly, so that you get a chance to jump on or sneak past them, then reach your objective point.

During the mission, you will often see a briefcase that needs to be picked up in that this will provide an extra stamp at the completion of the stage, so that you can unlock more content later on.

On the way of your mission, you should plan your moves carefully then work your way up to the briefcase.
At the same time, try not to let a guard corner you as guards look in specific directions, as indicated by an arrow at the bottom of their figurines.
So if you are within a space of them facing in your direction, you will get caught by them.

To accomplish your mission successfully, you can take out guards from the rear or the sides while looking for alternate paths to quietly dispose of guards without alerting others.

Planning your moves well will come to take out two or more in one shot, or in a continuous string of hits as you make your way towards the exit.

Sometimes, guards will move around so you can jump these guys, instead focusing on avoiding them to reach your goal.

In your mission, you will be allowed to use secondary items, like stones and guns.
You can use stones as distraction tools that you can throw and alert guards within noise range indicated by a large square.
Use guns in the right moment as this could attract unwanted attention of the guards.

Thus, in order to get through each chapter, try to remember where guards are located on each stage and see if you can get two to come over to a certain point, so you can take them both out at the same time.

Secondary challenges in this game will earn you additional stamps on a stage in which you will be asked to finish the stage in a certain number of moves, and you do not need to take out any guards and collecting briefcases.

For such reasons, if you are stuck or unable to get the briefcase in each stage, you will be able to activate this and you can go through step-by-step so that you can earn more stamps, and unlock more stages and challenges as well.

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