Diamonds Cheats HonorBound on Android

When playing honorbound rpg game, be sure to collect some coins with each research you are doing
This game will serve a large single-player mode complete with a storyline that you can quest through, and get involved in PvP arena battles for victory and glory.

honorbound tips

Therefore, you should plan your strategy on your squad’s composition of classes and take tactical control of the battle with powerful abilities
In line with this, you can try to do a research as often as you possibly can.

Afterward, you can use research to increase the maximum amount of coins and embers that you can hold.
Meanwhile, you can research rituals to unlock banishment, evolution and enhancing your cards and make a research leadership to increase more characters to your party.

Furthermore, if you want to finish up any research immediately you can set the time your phone that you seem enough to get the research done successfully.

If you run out energy, you can set the time ahead on your phone or tablet to restore your energy as soon as possible.
Doing so will take 5 minutes to restore one energy, so if you need all 15 back, set the time ahead by 75 minutes.

Anyway, if you need to gain more experience levels quickly, you can go back to old battles, and battle weaker enemies in the arena in order to grind for experience points.
Thus if you grind for more experience, you will strengthen your party to be powerful.

Then if you want to get one of the enemies that you are fighting, drain their hit points as low as you possibly can.
So if you can drain them to just one hit point, you will send in a weaker party member.

In addition, you can use the capture spell over and over until you actually catch them
Even if the capture chance is only 15-30%, you will be able to catch them.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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