How to Accomplish 100 Missions All Levels Android

This trick will show you to solve the 100 Missions all levels and help you achieve the goals in each mission of this game.

game 100 Missions all Level

100 Missions Walkthrough Level 1
Solve the window area in 100 missions
restore the power supply
go three times to the right and tap the table
bring some light in the room.
Zoom on the window then take the screwdriver.
Go back three times to the left then click the power supply in the left of the room
Use the screwdriver by tapping the square to the left which reveals inventory then unscrew the two buttons.
change the colors on the right side: blue, yellow, green and red.
go back and press the light switch on the right of the door.

Solve wardrobe area in 100 missions
Go to the wardrobe and tap the dresser to the right
take the hammer and a small piece of paper with code on it in the pocket line of the middle brown costume.
go back and zoom on the left and see some shoes to take a shoelace from the left shoe.
go back right and break the wall near the chess table using the hammer in your inventory.
take the voice recorder from the skeleton.

Solve jacuzzi area in 100 missions
go back two times to the right and enter the bathroom using the white door near the window.
Zoom into the sink to get the small key
look at the trash bin and take the paper inside it.
zoom on the Jacuzzi and open the box on the wall using that key.
connect the pipes by tapping each of the pipes to connect them from one end to another.
tap the red valve then go to the toilet to pick up the key after successfully connecting the water pipes.

Solve tv room area in 100 missions
Go back to the room and zoom into the TV area then click the shelves near it.
use the key you got from the toilet to open the top left drawer
take the piece of paper.
Open the bottom right shelf to get the batteries and paperclip.
go the drinks bar and use your hammer to break the piggy bank to take the coin.

Solve bathroom and drawer area in 100 missions
Go back in the bathroom using the white door and hit the sink again.
Open your inventory and select and drag the paperclip into the shoelace and combine it to make a hook.
Use it to fish the sink and take a golden key.
Go back to the main room and use the key to open the top drawer in below the window.
Take the ultraviolet lamp in it.
Open your inventory and drag the batteries in the ultraviolet lamp.

Find ultraviolet lamp in 100 missions
Turn off the light in the room and select your UV lamp as a light to reveal the code.
Go to the pool table and click on the painting to see the code to open the safe.
turn the light on again and go to the pool table.
Access inventory then drag the hammer on the coin and make a flat coin.
use it on the coin hatch of the pool table to get a message to move on the next.

Find painting in the safe area in 100 missions
Get back and zoom into the safe where the painting is
use the revealed code with the UV light to open the safe.
Follow these step orderly to slide from Right, Left, Right, Left, Left and Right.
Open the safe to take the magnetic card, flashdrive and cassette.

Solve the computer room in 100 missions
Go to the desk area and insert flashdrive inside the computer.
Enter the code 4519 as instructed by the piece of paper with shapes and the puzzle piece of paper that you got from the trash.
Find the printer and select the white sheet of paper from your inventory to reveal a Morse code.
Open your inventory and insert the cassette to the player and listen to it as it will tell the last code.
Now you have the last code to complete this level that is 5714.
Go to the entrance door and use magnetic card on the lock then press 5714 to exit the door to mission 2.

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