How to Discover Hidden Levels in Where is My Perry Android

Tips how to play where`s my perry game
Lead water from one area of the level to another to reach the goal of this game. You have to drag your finger across the screen to create a path through the dirt.

Where is My Perry

Gnomes are a critical part of moving forward in the game.
The second set of levels costs 40 gnomes to access; the third costs 85; the fourth costs 135.
Every level contains three gnomes. Picking all of them up is not crucial to be the winner, but later levels require a certain amount before they will unlock.
Most of them can be attained by hitting them with water but certain ones require contact with steam.

Secret Files
Certain levels contain hidden files to be uncovered.
If you gather three in a mission in which each mission is 20 levels, you will be provided a hidden level.
You can view how many you have them by tapping the Secret Files button at the bottom of the level selection screen.

You will be introduced to Crazy-inators after finishing a few levels.
These contraptions have the ability to convert water into steam and ice, and vice versa as they will be needed to beat levels in the game.

If you are unsure how to get the water where it needs to be, try searching the level for a Crazy-inator. Just watch out for the ones that turn your water into useless confetti.

Some levels contain a viscous, purple substance that will cause you to fail the level if it makes contact with where your water is supposed to end up. Besides it can also be used to cover gaps and help lead your water to its goal.

In some of the later levels, you will encounter lava. Like sludge, it will end the level if it reaches the final destination of your water. On the more useful side of things, it can also turn water into steam.

How to find hidden areas in where`s my perry
Uncovering secret files can lead to hidden levels so you will be in control of the Phineas and Ferb character Balloony.
Short of the digging mechanic, these levels are largely different from the games main offering. Ballooney is ascending, and you must dig away the dirt that is in his way.

Obstacles like briar will occasionally show up, contact it to have the level restarted.
Once you go far enough up, you will approach a large tube that sucks up Balloony.
That is the end of the level!

Clues to accomplish levels on where`s my perry
Do not accidentally lead all of your water to the confetti one in Crazy-inators are doing what in the level.
Just tap the button on the top right of the screen to restart the level in which you will have advantage of doing that.
There will be a Secret File hidden somewhere if a question mark near the top left of the screen during the level appears so start digging to get that
Be alert if the gnomes come in contact with black sludge or lava, they will immediately disappear.
If you do not have enough gnomes to make it to the next mission, return to the first mission and pick up some of the easier gnomes.
If a secret file is in a level, try digging away all of the dirt to find it, and then restart the level with the knowledge of where it is at.
Just tap twice on the screen to skip a cutscene you have already viewed.
Some levels start with water immediately flowing like crazy. Get some extra time to think with digging a pit for the water to rest in.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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