How to Explode Bomb on Draw Something Android

Draw Something is the social media that lets you draw on a blank, digital and mobile canvas with its own charming concept.
You can invite your friends or connect with others online and let them guess.

Draw Something

This app offers various colors to your guessing piece from the color panel.
In the Android app you get to challenge your friends from other social network or get to choose random players from the servers.

These players are chosen from the set of other Android app users. In case of the iPhone app, you get to play with the rest of the apple platform users.
The only difference you will feel with social media players is that they are quite common among all platform apps.

The Draw something app has two versions free and paid.
The free version is supported with ads and it is quite annoying for those who are on the guessing end.

In paid version there are no ads and no limits on the players that you can add to the game.
Paid version of the game is not expensive, it only costs 99 cents to download.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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