How to Finish X Construction Full Version 12 Levels on Android

X Construction Lite is a game for android devices built on the idea of Bridge Builder.
To build a safe bridge for your train just use supply of girders wisely so you can cross safely to the valley.

x construction guides

It just takes minutes so do not waste your time to build and suspend great bridge for your train
Recent changes:- fixed sound crash- removed invalid level- the full version are 12 levels

Tricks to solve and complete x construction lite full version
Start building from foundation up to the tracks and use the side rigid walls for extra support
Design a wide track support and focus the forces to a pin joint on the ground and it will not wobble at all
Manage to solve this crossing by using simple triangular truss design. Remember to solve the problem with the least amount of girders with high structural stability.
By doing so level by level will be solved so your train will be successfully passing with minimum girder and rope

Clues to solve the issue of x construction full version
Make sure you have an unlimited amount of time to build your bridge before the train arrives on-screen and experiment with the resources.

While time is never in short supply the selection of girders has been expected to work.
A finite number to utilize is enough to have and the trickiest levels keep this number deliberately low so it will force to place them precisely.

To place girder just lay down a girder is simply a matter of touching a point on the screen and drag in the direction you wish it to go.
Girders can be of varying lengths and can cross through one another, but they must be anchored to one of the round points highlighted on the screen.

In this occasion you can hit the play button and see how your creation fares once the effects of gravity are imposed. Poorly-realized designs instantly buckle and sway, and as soon as the train arrives they are likely to collapse.

Studier bridges will still show signs of strain but they will hold the bridge if they have been built them well enough so the heavy carriages will cross over smoothly.
Helpfully, girders that are under undue stress glow red, and this allows you to resolve structural weaknesses should the entire thing come falling down before the train reaches the other side of the screen.
To make runaway train the visuals are slightly less appealing while the game play in x construction is instantly gratifying.

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