How to Get Golden Egg Star Angry Birds v1.5.3 Walkthroughs for Android

Angry Birds new version 1.5 the Mighty Eagle update will include the 5th and 6th Golden Egg levels are now different.
The puzzle levels “Mighty Eagle’s Beak” and “Snoozing Pig” are gone and have been replaced with regular levels that are pretty easy to solve.

Angry Birds v1.5.3 Walkthroughs

1 – Pause any level and press the “?” button in the bottom left hand corner.
The egg will be on the White Bird instruction screen.
2 – Mighty Hoax
level 5-19 rocket ship: the egg is located on the right side off the screen.
If you zoom out and throw a Yellow Bird in that direction you will see it when the screen moves up a little.
To get it either use the Yellow Bird or with the White Bird drop a bomb to the right of the wood sticking up on the first tower and the bird will take off and hit the egg probably easier to use the yellow bird.
In this level try obtaining 3 stars on all levels of Mighty Hoax. On the episode select screen double-tap the sun at bottom center.
level 4-7: zoom out and egg will be on top of cliff on the right. In that occasion just aim and hit it with the Yellow Bird.

3 – Poached Eggs
level 2-2: just destroy the beach ball and get 3 stars on all levels of Poached Eggs.
On the main screen press the “i ” credits button and watch the credits all the way to the end and the egg will appear under the White Bird.
level 1-8: tap the treasure chest for several times. Note PC & Mac users, to open the treasure chest click and hold the left mouse button over the treasure chest and then type open .

4 – Danger Above
level 6-14: break yellow balloon under the tree house. You can bounce the Yellow Bird off the tree or use the Boomerang Bird.
Danger Above Level Selection Screen: On the “coming soon” screen drag the screen to the far right and egg will be on the right. Note, even if you have these levels you can still scroll over to find the egg. Note, PC/Mac users, you have to click inside the window. At this level obtain 3 stars on all levels of Danger Above.
level 8-15: the egg is under the slingshot platform. Just bounce a Yellow Bird off the trampoline on the bottom right across from the egg or use Boomerang Bird and get the egg within.

5 – The Big Setup
level 9-14: zoom out and you will see the egg on the bottom right wearing a hard hat. To get the egg just use a Boomerang Bird to hit it.
level 10-3: smash the duck underneath the bridge.
level 11-15: If you zoom out to see the whole level it is on the left below the slingshot. Hit it with the boomerang bird to complete this section. At this section try obtaining 3 stars on all levels of The Big Setup.

6 – Ham ‘Em High
level 12-12: Destroy the trophy in the middle of the level that sits between the two piles of jewels.
level 13-10: First zoom out. Now launch a white bird and at the right time tap the screen to launch him up in the air to hit the egg.
Super Bowl / Rio – Ham ‘Em High level 13-12: Zoom out then shoot one of the White bird’s backwards and drop an egg on the back side of the hill.
level 14-4: First zoom all the way out and you will see the Golden Egg on the top of the cliff to the far right. Launch a yellow bird at a high trajectory links to walkthrough tapping him at just the right time to arch him up and over to the egg.
At this point get 3 stars on all levels of Ham ‘Em High, including all the three Facebook levels. The accordion will be opened after the 21st Golden Egg is unlocked. This is done after you get 3 star of every level in Chapter 14 of Ham ‘Em High, including the three bonus Facebook levels. To unlock the star all you have to do is expand the accordion all the way and hold it there — then after a few seconds it will tear and the star will unlock.

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