Guides to Get Wanted Level Cheat GTA 3 Android

Follow these tips to play GTA 3 on mobile
When playing game hold the home screen button down until the recent apps page shows.
Hold the left most button down or the home button or hold the menu button for 2 seconds until a keyboard comes up

gta 3 android

Hit Gta 3 and you now have a keyboard in the game.
Then type in a cheat and enter codes directly into the game or the Main Menu
If the sound does not comes up try download Music Bar > Turn off the radio in GTA settings > double-click the home button > click play > custom soundtrack

Cheats Codes GTA 3 on Android
gunsgunsguns to gives all weapons
ifiwerearichman to gives 250,000 cash or More Money
gesundheit to get 100 health
turtoise to get 100 armor
morepoliceplease to get 2 wanted stars or Wanted Level Up
nopoliceplease to remove wanted level
giveusatank to get tank
bangbangbang to blow up all vehicles or explode cars
ilikedressingup to change player model or Skin Change
itsallgoingmaaad for all pedestrians start fighting or Aggressive Pedestrians
nobodylikesme for all pedestrians attacking the player or Peds Attack You
weaponsforall for all pedestrians armed or All Ped Have Weapons
timeflieswhenyou to accelerate player or Turbo Mode
skincancerforme to get normal weather or Sunshine
ilikescotland to get cloudy weather or Misty
ilovescotland to get rainy weather
peasoup to get foggy weather
madweather to speed up the time or get Very Fast Game Clock
anicesetofwheels to get invisible cars or cars with No Chassis, Wheels Only
chittychittybb to get lightweight / flying cars or Low Gravity
cornerslikemad to get improved steering or Sensitive Steering
BOOOOORING to get Slows Time
NASTYLIMBSCHEAT to get Increased Gore
EASOUP to get Fog43. TORTOISE to get 100% Armor

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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