How to Solve 100 Gates Level 21 to 30 Android

This tip will show you to complete level 1-30 in 100 gates game mobile.
Just read the following tips and trick to solve this game

100 Gates

100 Gates Level 21
Shake your phone to wake up the dragon.
Start to move the pipe piece then build a shower to extinguish the fire.
When everything is connected correctly it will extinguish the fire.
Use the sword in your inventory to kill the dragon to proceed to next level by hitting a couple of times.

100 Gates Level 22
See two rows of scrolls and two rows of symbols on the bookshelves that is one at the top and one at the bottom.
Click on the right scrolls to find the correct answer written on the open book in front of you.
Click on the bookshelves after they have disappeared.

100 Gates Level 23
Press the following symbols in this order: pink, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue and yellow.
After the balls have dissappeared click on the stone.

100 Gates Level 24
Click on the skulls in the right order to find the correct order written on the wall on the left side with roman numbers from top, left, right and down.
Remember that the skull must be selected only when it is standing upright in front of you.
Click on the first top skull when you hear and sound and see it moving when you did it correctly.
Turn your phone to the right in order to click the left skull.
Turn your phone the left to click the right skull.
Bring it back vertical in front of you and click the last skull.
Click on the window to go to next level.

100 Gates Level 25
Tilt your phone to control the gear to get the correct combination written on the bottom left.
So number XII or 12 and V or 5 should be spinning clockwise and number VII (7) should be spinning counter-clockwise.
Do not touch III or 3 and IX or 9.

100 Gates Level 26
See the tip is written on the sarcophagus.
See the correct symbols from top to bottom.
See the same symbols on the top of the door but the order is not correct.
Reverse them completely.
Click on the symbols in the following sequence: 5th (far right), 5th, 1st, 1st, 5th and 5th.

100 Gates Level 27
Complete making the block pivot on them.

100 Gates Level 28
Start with this level with your phone in horizontal position lying on a table.
Each object should go in the correct corner.
Start by moving the start to the moon.
Shield and sword go bottom left to the Knight’s armor.
Put the bone and skull to the bottom right.

100 Gates Level 29
Put the planets in the correct place that is distance from sun by tilting and balancing your phone
Now you have Earth on the left, Mars in the top middle and Venus on the right.

100 Gates Level 30
Drag the correct keys to their spots in the corners using the middle circle.
Tap the wheel and place the top right key to its spot.
Tap the circle twice and place the bottom righ key.
Do the bottom left and the top left.
Click on the wheel one last time when keys will disappear to unlock the next level.

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