Clues to Solve Level 5 in 100 Missions Android

How to beat 100 missions level 5 to exit the wheel room
There is a puzzle code on the door that you need to solve
To pass this room you need the protractor, measurer or ruler, pencil, compass, and map then place them on the table with the globe you have opened.

game 100 Missions all Level

Please notice that the last tool for that table is in behind the pillar with clock.
You will get a set of coordinates on a piece of paper.
Find a surge protector by tapping down under the workstation to the left of the wheel in order to use it to connect the power plug near the locked door.
Remember to get the key inside the hat in order to open the cabinet or the drawer
Notes that Charles Fraytt DOB or Date OF Birth is 1872 as the important code in this game

Tips to guide you to finish level 5 in 100 missions game
Solving the puzzle on the briefcase
Just click the briefcase on the table. Here you have to solve the simple riddle code
In order to solve the puzzle is just try to align all the numbers from 1 to 15 orderly from the top to right.
Follow these steps
After doing so you will 3 items inside it
Those items are the map, a plastic sealed image including 2 plastic sealed sheets placed on top of each other and a key as well.

Find measurer
Get back to the left then tap the lower left side of the pillar with the clock.
Search and grab an angle measurer or a ruler located there.

Search the key from the hat
Still in the same room try to go to the shelf then zoom in to find a silver key under the hat
Get also a D shaped ruler from the top shelf which is on the books.
Later on use the key to open the cabinet, and to get black logbook, a corner ruler, microphone then get a blue pencil from the left side of navigation machine

Get L ruler
Go to the left then use the silver key with the dresser.
Just search under the clothes to find the microphone, the black logbook and an L shaped ruler from the bottom shelf.

Find D ruler
All you have to do is get back then tap the table with the globe.
Put the items such as a map, D shaped ruler, L shaped ruler and an angle measurer rightly on the table.

Open the globe to get the code with 2 plastic images
Go to the room with globe and zoom in
Tap the globe then use the key on it to open
Use the 2 plastic sealed sheets here for a plastic sealed image in transparent
Try to combine these 2 plastic images together to get the code 4756.

Get the code inside the safe
Go to the right just once to go room with clock then tap the ship photo or image there.
Now tap once again to remove that photo to get a safe with code
Then enter the code 4756 to open the safe.
After opening the safe two items such as the old style sea compass and the gold pocket watch should be there so just grab them all.

Get the pen in wheel room
After having the compass and the watch now go to the wheel room
Just tap the workstation to the left.
A pen should appear there now so just get it.

Have coordinate
After getting the pen from the wheel room now go back to the map to add the compass and the pen there.
Place the map and the ruler and the compass and the pencil and all other items that has to do with this at the table at the globe
By doing so you will get a piece of paper with some coordinates as a clue.

Find Fryatt’s DOB Birthdate
You have to go back to the workstation and to the right one now
Try to insert the code appearing on the radar refers to the year Charles Fraytt DOB was born or his birthdate that will be in 1872. Use that year as the code later on
Then go down to shelves and get items. Tap the shelves under the work station.
Combine two items then place in the machine that you already plugged in.
Type in the coordinates into the machine and get code to unlock door
Now put the code 1872 in the navigation panel then click on the second draw under the navigation panel to find a headphones and av microphone stand as well.

Get an extension cord
Still in the workstation now tap the base of the left workstation
You should have an extension cord by tapping it.

Use the cord
Go back to work station again to the left and use the cord on the green machine.
Tap it and use on it the headphones.
Now go to the radio panel, first combine the microphone and stand together and then click the hole next to the knobs.
Afterward click on the headphone then click on the white radio bottom left hole so it will attach it.

Get coordinate to open the door to exit
Tap the numbers and type the coordinates code that is 41 46 50 14 you got from the map for the radio transmission .
After putting that code in it will give you the new code 6891 for the next door to the radio station
Use that code to the door to exit from this missions

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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