How to Use Turbo Mode in Turbo Kids Android

Tips to activate turbo mode in turbo kids game
Upgrade your turbo first
Activate your turbo to run around during the game

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Remember as the turbo ability will need a cost 90 energy
Do not try to use moonwalk in a single race or during the longer tournament races
And after you actually have 90 energy points, the button will show up in the middle at the bottom to activate turbo mode.
Try to hold up enough energy and then it will appear to “Tap to turbo!”

Guides to shoot and jump in turbo kids game
Tap to jump and shoot bullets
Shoot Ice bullet to freeze opponents
Shoot Exchange bullet to change position with opponent instantly
Shoot Trap bullet to trap opponent
Race through courses above bottomless bits, with tricky jumps, speed boosters, and launch pads
Upgrade your equipment in order to receive money
Upgrade the avatar enough to get the first for all stages.
Remember as each race is short.
Joining tournament helps you to make coins fast.
The close button for ads could be bigger.

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