Gold Cheats in Modern War Android

Modern War is the strategy game where you have to solve each mission till the next level.
In order to accomplish this game and get your victory, just read these following steps

modern war review helphint

Tips to win battles in modern wargame
Take a look at your profile firstly
Insert cheat code Alliance attack 4876 and Alliance Defence Deffence 4959
Boost Alliance Attack and Alliance Defence by buying more units and making more allies.

Take 4 units per allie in to battle so buying loads and loads of the cheap units isn’t really in your favour.

Buy big powerful units where possible.
Attack other people to win battles and rack up those achivments.
Remember not to click attack first and always click on raid first

See your rivals profile in the right hand corner to check their Alliance attack and deffence.
Make sure your attack is higher than their deffence in order to win the battle.
Remember only attack those people who have at least a 500 point lower deffence than your attack to get your guaranteed victory.

Look on your rivals comments wall to get more allies.
Try and get a lager alliance by loading other players have added there ID.
Boost your own alliance even more by posting your own ID on as many comments walls as possible.
A request will be inundated for you so that your alliance will grow.

Try add ID 294 330 376 then rate this tip and take a look at his comments wall in order to add all the ID’s there and then post your own to have the largest alliance of all soon.

Buy more units which have more attaking power to defeat rivals and more defensive power to repel attacks from rivals
Enter cheat code 177-711-767 to earn 10,000,000,000 and 1,00,000 gold

How to build and add alliance attack and alliance defense
Go to your profile menu and choose ‘add allies’.
On the next screen you will be asked to enter a code.
Input the following : 588 887 009 to join an unstoppable force.
Upgrade your oil derricks ASAP to get the funds rolling in.
Build your defensive building and upgrade them too
Upgrade alliance attack and alliance defense to ensure attackers to use more energy and units that is trying to steal your gear
Move your towers around as you build more buildings to optimism their defensive force

Tips to protect units in modern war game
The only thing protected during raids are the funds in your vault, valor and battle points.
Remember as units and money are not collected or protected, gold and specialty collectables as grenade boxes, jet engines,etc can be lost if you are raided while away.
Do most raids as it will not take a unit.
Go to add allies and type in this ID 776-760-109, this only works one time when you type it in back out of the app and then go back in it you should have 1,000,000 dollars.

Tipsto manage powerfull units in modern war game
Only add good allies unit to actually fight your rivals.
Remember only the best units are taken to fight
Bring in 4 of your strongest units per ally when going into battle.
Stay a low level and buy the best units before leveling.
Each ally can take 4 units that is one air, one ground, one sea and one infantry.
Do not buy cheap, take your time and buy quality over quantity one.

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