Tips to Win Ships Battle on Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas

In this description, you will find step by step how to find ship to battle with and win it.
Be sure to prepare anything needed in the battle such as weapon, stamina, energy and money gold and gems during reparation1.
There are many ways to get battle with other ships.

Pirates of The Caribbean Master of The Seas for iPhone

Take a look outside of each island to search boats floating all around. Search for the ship to battle with if you tap on one you can go into battle with it.

Now pay attention in the appeared menu screen that shows your stats next to your opponents stats.
If you think you are going to get massacred because the opponents stats are much higher you can hit the X to cancel and exit out of the battle and find another ship that is equal of your stats.

But purchase anything you need in the store to have a chance against the opponent and try again with all items you just bought to win the battle on the water.

Now you will get your Battle make sure to get ready for the show
Tap on the Battle button at the bottom of the screen when you are ready and you will be taken to a screen showing the fight between the two ships between your ship and your enemy`s ship.

Take a look at a result screen saying if you have won or lost the battle.
See also how much gold you have won and how much health you have lost at across the top of the screen.

Bonus will come to you if you have won the battle
Once you win a battle you can choose to Fire Again and overwhelm their ship.But if you do this successfully the ship will sink and you will earn a large coin bonus.

Next repairing your ship will be the primary need before you can do anything else.
After the battle whether you win or lose you will need to have your ship repaired immediately.
Both gold and gems will be presented to you as the cost.

Only use gold to spend during the reparation of the ship that it is the best choice as gems are rare and valuable And you may need gems to hire crew members in future quests.
Only use gems if you do not have enough gold to cover the cost.

Repairing your ship will take few moments and you will see a brief animation of it being repaired.
You can battle again after your ship is successfully repaired or you can work on a quest if you have enough energy.

The second way you can go into battle is you can be notified via text message while out of the game that you have been attacked and need to go back into the game to retaliate.

Get always to look at a message into the messages area by tapping on the wrench icon at the bottom right of screen
Find the message again to respond to it when you receive it.
The battle ensues just as listed above. The only difference is this way the other ship initiates the battle instead of you.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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