Acorns Cheats Ice Age Adventures on Android

Ice Age Adventures is a new mobile social town-building game where you will play as Sid, and Manny, Diego, and the rest of your friends are suddenly floating out to sea and they have gotten separated due to the breakup of the ice shelf during a game of hide-and-seek.

Ice Age Adventures Tips

Because of this, you will be assigned to complete the main goal that is to explore all of the new islands and rescue them.
During your exploration, you will do a lot of hopping back and forth between islands, whereby you will need plenty of berries to keep going.

In line with this, you can upgrade your berry bowl and your shell bowl as soon as you can in order to facilitate playing for longer periods without running out of energy

In the way of getting to other islands, you can either go to the top of the screen, or hit the map button so that you will come across the list of islands.
Your main objective here is to discover secret treasures and defeat iconic villains along the way

At the same time, you can recruit Precious and bring the herd together quickly and you will have to escape the avalanche in an addictive runner mini-game as well
When you find a new island, all you will have to do is to explore the whole thing in order to rescue everybody on the island.

In the mean time, you should also save berries, clear the minimal amount of trees, rocks and ice that you can get away with.
Later on, you can go back later when you need more shells to clear the rest out of them.

Along the game, you will be brought to the match-three mini game that is used to rescue animals.
Then, if you can manage to match three meteorites in a row, every single tile on the screen will turn into a heart, which will automatically win literally any stage for you.

Even after you clear out an island, make sure to go back and play the roulette games as often as possible as it is a great way to earn more shells, berries, and even free acorns as well

And, oftentimes you will be able to find animals and to rescue them using these roulette games.
On the other side, you will be able to use rescued animals as power-ups

In addition, to play this game more fun, you will be given an access to compete with friends in daily and weekly challenges for having some great rewards

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