Tips and Solutions I`m Expecting Pregnancy Android

How to find the widget in i`m expecting pregnancy
Just press on your home screen long enough in order to get a list that includes an option for widgets coming out on the screen

I`m Expecting Pregnancy

If above step did not work just try tapping on your phone’s menu button.
Find it on phone settings under widget where you customize your home screens
Make sure to check to see if you saved the app to your SD card.

Guides to prepare and manage in i`m expecting pregnancy
To apply a kick counter is just click on a calendar day and scroll to Baby Info.
It keeps track of everything which is happening to you and your baby with I’m Expecting

Stay tuned with weekly updates of your baby’s growth, track and record your symptoms and compare them to thousands of other women experience in the same week, share info with your doctor, add doctor appointments, get answers to your questions and more

Get tips on how to alleviate the most common pregnancy symptoms, including nausea, fatigue, leg cramps and cravings

Learn what is happening to your body and to your baby week by week
Take photos of your tummy each week and watch your baby bump grow
Easily upload your photos into the Baby Bump slideshow for camera phone-enabled devices only
Track your pregnancy weight gain and to get alert if you get too much or too little weight
View your doctor appointments, symptoms and important events at a nice calendar

Access your information from your doctor’s office to easily share your pregnancy details with your doctor
Enter your symptoms or other information whenever you feel the most
Store your doctor’s information for easy access

Post questions and get answers to your pregnancy concerns from other women having same as yours
Create a baby announcement to share with family and friends when your junior will see the world for the first time

Monitor your weight throughout your pregnancy
Keep track of doctor’s appointments, tests and other events

The standard approach to calculating pregnancy weeks is to begin counting from the first day of the last menstrual period, or 2 weeks before the conception date.

It guides you step by step what’s happening to your body and baby every week and you can keep a chart of what you been feeling and doctors appointments.

It will tell you the size of your baby and give you a visual of how big your baby is instead of you having to guess when looking at just measurements.

And you can store doc’s info and track your weight.
Besides it gives you diet recommendations including what will be the best for you and more actual real baby visuals.

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