How to Get Infinity Health and Ammo for The Conduit HD Android

When playing the conduit hd game, be sure to collect more health life pack by shooting more enemies in each mission
You will also get a handful of different Covenant-derivative types of enemies in which all either run or occasionally fly straight at you

the conduit hd hints

Some of them are super soldiers that will hang around in small office cubicles waiting for you to wander in looking for health packs.
So all you have to do is shoot those super soldiers as they have what you need then grab their health pack once you have won the gun battle against them

But if you want to have these life pack easily you can go to an in-app purchase that will supply you with an array of toggleable God-like powers, like infinite ammo and health.

In addition you can buy individual cheats, including infinite health, for 62p each, and also power-ups such as a glowing ball called the ASE, or All Seeing Eye will be a more hindrance than a help.

In the beginning you will another objective that is to help Secret Service agent Michael Ford recruited by a mysterious organization known as The Trust that is also caught up in a national crisis of an alien invasion.

Before accomplishing the main mission you will have to learn to use bizarre new weapons, battle deadly aliens, discover ancient secrets, and figure out shadowy conspiracy then learn new theories and connections in an effort to discover the truth behind the invasion

When fire the enemies the default auto-firing will be enabled automatically but you can change to manual one to shoot in the gun combat
On the other side the game controls can be completely customized to suit your move and shoot.

You can use destructible spawn points to explain where the blighters are all coming from and to overlook just how many times they get stuck on scenery or mysteriously run on the spot.
The handful of weapons from standard revolvers, shotguns, alien rifles and machine will have their own ability of dealing some hefty damage during combat session.
In addition you can change the control inputs, the UI Layouts and many other elements to play the game as you like

Mostly the battles will take place in locked rooms or corridors so that you will need to pull out the ASE while under heavy fire to hack hidden nodes.
Use the All Seeing Eye to reveal invisible objects and where the enemies come from and always see the tiny maps waiting for it to beep clues.
So get your self ready to face off against fourteen unique alien and human foes that use cover while revealing the story behind of every mission

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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