Score Points Cheats Jenga on Android

Jenga is a favorite block building game where you be allowed to poke, pull, flick, and top any block at any angle to build a kind of tower.

jenga tips

Each block in this game will be affected by the surrounding blocks, recreating the same strategic depth that will come to a tower.

In the beginning of the game, you must consider to focus on middle blocks first
When you select a block it will light up either red or white in which white blocks are the safest and should be removed for giving you a path.

Note that, you should not try to remove any load bearing blocks.
For such reasons, you can think of middle blocks to start with.

When coming to middle blocks, you can tap the center block a couple of times and remove it from the other side of the tower.
In line with this, you have to do it accurately.

One thing to remember is that try not pull it out on an angle.
Otherwise, pull it out straight towards you.

Everytime coming to stacking blocks, make sure to do it from the middle.
Meanwhile, you can try and place the block on the opposite top side of wherever you pulled it from.
When stacking on top, try to be compact and tight as possible.

On the other side, the side blocks will be sketchy as they are usually load bearing blocks.
Because of this, simply tap them halfway out then try to flick them out later on.
Always be sure not to try and pull them out sideways.

In addition, this game will allow you to change levels and switch to different modes including classic, online, pass and play, and arcade.

Playing in arcade mode will test your skill in a timed level where you must match colored blocks together for a higher score.

According to his, you will also receive more points for matching colored blocks in that you can also remove a difficult block to make a match or preserving time in each stage.

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