Mega Pack Gold Cheats Jet Car Stunts 2 on Android

Jet Car Stunts 2 is a fantasy-esque racing game with race cars that have jet engines
Here, you will be allowed to ride on floating tracks or through the sky while accelerating forwards or backwards, and tilting to steer left and right on flat land in which your cars can soar up and down by tilting your device as well.

jet car stunts 2 tips

When fying on the sky with your car, you will be assigned to accomplish goal that is simply to complete the required stunts on each track, and then to log in with Facebook and start challenging other players.

In line with this, you will not unlock further stages by beating current stages but you can only unlock them by buying them.
So try earning the bronze/silver/gold that will be used to practice so that if you sign in with Facebook, you can respond to other players’ random challenges with a victory.

Afterburners allow you to steer when you are airborne or on your back or on your side with any car that you drive especially when you are doing freestyle stages.

According to this, just go up half pipes and upside-down jumps, then use the afterburners and tilt your phone to steer the car in the right direction to pull off full flips and corkscrew moves.

Moreover, use your afterburners on the straightaways, and cut them off when a curve is about to start so that you will not be oversteering and slamming into the wall.
And be smart when using the afterburners as it will be the key to passing enough of the opposing racers to earn a medal on the stage.

Playing each track and performing each jump requires a mix of speed and accuracy whereby you have to try to get as accurate as you can, while still maintaining speed.

For such reasons, each car handles well with accelerometer steering and touch accelleration.
And, when driving the aerial cars, such as the jet car and the compact, you will have to steer them well as they can be far tougher so be sure to practice over and over on these ones.

When using them, simply use your afterburners to actually propel upwards, otherwise, you will just be floating down no matter where you aim vertically.

On the other side, the various tracks in the game will provide a few types of gameplay, including platforming, free-for-all, and racing tracks.
Platforming tracks will offer totals 120 levels that will challenge you to drive your car either on flat or non-flat surfaces, along with flying your car through the air.

Playing in the free-for-all mode will bring you to a stunt park where you can spend a set amount of time doing whatever you want in that you are free to execute the most awesome stunts or tackle one of the 10 Time Trial tracks, where you must execute more linear stunts as you complete laps.

Later on, you can take part in the racing modes where you will have opponents and time limits to beat that you must consider during on the racing tracks.

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