Crystals Cheats Jewel Fight Heroes Legend on Android

Jewel Fight Heroes Legend is the puzzle RPG genre where you can select one of three playable character classes such as a Warrior, Rogue, and Mage then get gems and coins to upgrade your weapons.

jewel fight heroes legend guides

Later on, you will have a journey through untold lands to defeat hordes of creatures and you have to protect your town, as well as revealing insightful mysteries along the way.

Here you will be able to refine, your battle skills as you match sets of 3 gems or more to deliver spectacular attacks against your villains
At the beginning of the game, see the popup that shows elemental signals under your name and the rival’s name.

At this point, the block of elements on the left indicates what shapes are strong when you match them
And, the block of elements on the right refer to what shapes are strong from where the rebels stand.

In line with this, any color smack in the middle of the popup is neutral, it means that it has no strong or weak effect on anybody.
Furthermore, you will have to improve your fortunes that will allow you to purchase new weapons and equipment.

Anyway, if you do not have enough coins for them, just go back to old stages that you have already beaten and replay them until you have enough coins to buy what you need.

Generally, you must save up lots of coins and purchase all new equipment, rather than to upgrade the equipment over and over again, because the stat boosts are coming to bigger.

Along the game, you should keep a good solid lookout for your health when you fight against a strong enemy in the battle.
At the same time, you can try to match as many health combos as possible along with a lot of potions.
During in the battle, it is good to have poison antidotes.
So if you get poisoned and you do not have an antidote you had better fight at high speed or die faster.

When using this poison, just poison the enemy and then just sit there and wait.
Your enemies hit points will tick down and down until either the poison wears off or they die, so that you can finish battle with no extra moves at all.

In addition, your hero will have a skill
Then, as making some progresses through the game you will earn more jewels, that you can use them to purchase new skills to put in place of the old ones for even stronger attacks and better strategic uses. You can activate skill once the skill bar fills up fully.

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