High Points Cheats Jumpy Jack Goes Through Walls on Android

Jumpy Jack Goes Through Walls is a new side scrolling game
Here, you will play as a skateboarding kid who is assigned to jump through holes in brick walls while collecting as many extra clothing accessories and getting points.

jumpy jack tips

On the other words, you will struggle to get jack through gaps with your skate board by tapping or holding down on the screen.
Thus, you are going to hop over the lame-o brick walls to grab gnarly points without eating the curb while gathering the collectible items that you unlock every 5 jumps like unlocking a new mode, or a special ability.

During the play of this game, you will have to try landing your skateboard on the bottom platform of each gap, rather than trying to simply fly through each gap.
By doing that action, you will simply skate on it.

When trying to make a good jump, you will earn a new clothing accessory for each fifth gap that you go through for the first time.
At this occasion, you will earn a lightning bolt for your shirt after five points
And, you will earn a new headband after getting ten points.
Thus try to keep going and by the time in order to earn fifty points so that you will practically change the appearance of Jack completely.

The key to jump in this game is knowing which time is best to jump.
In line with this, if you wait too long to avoid jumping at the wrong time, you will either hit the top part of the obstacle on the ascent or the lower part on the descent of the jump.

So you need to jump in the middle of these times, then press the touch screen to make the skateboarder jump and you need to jump to pass over the brick obstacles on the level.

Furthermore, when performing your action, try to tap on the screen gently for making the low jumps in that a low jump right after a high jump is the easiest way to lose on this game, because they come up really fast.

For making high jumps, you merely try to time it right so that you can land right at the right moment.
Note that always watch out anything coming up ahead you when performing your jump with that skateboard

In addition, you should try to land on top of the brick obstacles to get the height of the jump exactly right whereby if it is performed correctly, you will skate on top of the brick safely until you get some points as your achievement.

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