Coins Diamonds Oil Cheats Jungle Heat for Android

In jungle heat game, you are tasked to get oil and gold used to purchase a variety of structures and units

jungle heat resources tips

Oil and gold can be earned by creating oil rigs and gold mines in your land.
And those resources have to be stored in facilities that are also built by spending resources.

Except oil and gold, workers and time are valuable resources to build your territory.
Building your base, defending your base, and attacking the enemy are built in real-time, so that you will need available worker units for construction to begin.
And you can collect them by building the Worker’s Hut.

Your base consists of four types of structures namely Resource, Army, Defense, and Decorative.
Along with these structures, your base will initially be filled with trash, rocks, and trees.

Remember your Command Center is the main part of your base that you have to protect.
It is caused by, certain buildings can not be upgraded until your Command Center is at a certain level. And, destruction of the command center in battle will lead you to get your victory.

Building defensive objects like Cannons and Mortars are effective at delivering large damage to ground forces, the Jericho attacks aerial foes, and towers defend against both ground and air troops.

Besides, you can build walls and traps as walls take a lot of damage and must be destroyed in order to pass while traps and bombs are invisible and cause a lot of damage to enemies.

Afterward, train your soldier in the barracks then upgrade it to get new units become available for the offensive in the jungle.

Protection prevents attack until it expires or you attack another player in that you can also earn protection from taking too much damage during an attack.

Before attacking, look at the layout of the base, and at your available troops.
Then tap on the troop to place them in which units will attack the nearest enemy structure, regardless of incoming fire from opposing weapons.
So think wisely before placing then as you will not change them after they get placed on location

Try finishing a multiplayer match to have a ranking system that will change based on the results.
For such reasons, your ranking points determine your standing in the weekly tournaments, that gives you free diamonds as reward.

On the “Attack!” screen, you can earn up to three stars in each stage that will come to the next level, determined by the amount of damage dealt to the enemy base.

In doing so, you have to put it in the center of the map, surrounded by other buildings and with traps, turrets, and towers arranged to wipe out the enemy while trying to attack it.

Walls are great at protecting your command center from incoming attack as it is tough to penetrate.
Thus, surround everything important with walls and any other defensive objects.

Note that you have to focus on building and upgrading resource storage as resources are necessary for most upgrades in this game.

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