K coins Cash Cheats Kim Kardashian Hollywood on Android

When playing kim kardashian hollywood, you must accomplish each assignment and get to work a fill shift in order to get extra cash and stars
You can use cash to buy most of what you need, and stars or the K-coins or koins to the right of the bucks counter is the premium currency that yo need along the game.

kim kardashian tips

Generally, you will have to gather more cash by completing the various assignments such as modeling, acting, etc.
Every action that you complete will earn you more cash so make sure to start each assignment with the maximum possible energy in order to load up on as much cash as possible as well as collecting a five-star score.

Anyway, just go back to the stores like in So Chic, Kardash Miami, etc to work a full shift so that you can earn cash, as you will get paid a lot for doing each action and you will also earn a bonus at the end of the round.
If you can work a longer shift like taking four hour shifts, you will earn more cash than taking one hour shifts.
On the other side, completing the quests and missions will generally earn you more bonuses, so stick to the quests and the stores as your priority.

For stars, you have to gain experience levels in order to earn more stars
Also, many of the achievements and quests will earn you free stars as a reward for completing them.

Alternatively, the best way to earn free cash and stars is to use some website giving you offers/surveys/whatever in exchange for free iTunes or Google Play gift cards, then make sure to redeem your cards and use them in the in-app purchase store to purchase more stars or cash.

Tapping other stuff including trees, signs in front of the Brew Palms, fire hydrants, newspaper dispensers, and other random stuff will also earn you stars.
Thus, if you have completely run out of cash, just tap these every 5-10 minutes for more cash.
Moreover, moving up from the E-list to a D-list, in the quest menu, will also give yo an access to earn cash and a star as bonus.

After having enough cash, be sure to save them on your dates, and instead use up energy
At the same time, try to do the tasks which do not cost any cash to complete.

Doing so will earn you as many hearts per energy spent, but they will save you a whole lot of cash, so that you can buy more clothing, more houses, and stuff for your houses, gifts for your partner as well.

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