King of The Course Golf for Token Cheats on Android

Walkthrough of playing king of the course golf ea mobile game on ios and android device
a. Try to hit the ball at the right moment and aim the ball with the right characters
This game is all about the combination of skill and speed in which you can increase your chances, and gain fiery boosts as well as perfect your “touch-and-swing” technique.
The basics to play this game are to hit when the swing meter is in the green then to swipe straight up as much as possible except when wind makes you have to curve it.

king of the course golf tips

In this game, you have to aim to make the ball go where you want.
Meanwhile, most of the aiming is done while the ball is in midair.
Once the ball is in the air, you have to swipe to whatever side you want to direct the ball to, be it up, down, left, right or diagonal.
Thus, if you have more space to cover, you can swipe faster.
You can even make a ball roll backwards by swiping down hard enough.

To make the aiming more effective, you should also consider upgrading the aiming of your character, which is, in the end, the most important stat of the game. Some characters start with a better aim than others, so you may want to do some quick comparisons to see the difference a higher aiming stat does.

The distance covered actually depends on the strength of your swipe as well as the strength used when hitting the ball.
With enough practice, you will be able to use your swipes to make the ball go wherever you want.

Throughout the game, you will be asked to get tokens, the currency of the game, and you can use to increase golfers’ skills across the board and to purchase new golfers.

Every character in this game will have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.
For example, the sweetheart’s aiming is second to none
And, the hotshot is a jack of all trades and a master of none.

b. Regenerate your energy instantly by setting the time on the phone
Along the game, you will get up to five balls at a time, which are used as your energy or lives, and once you run out, you either have to buy more or wait for them to come back.

On the other words, this game employs a sort of stamina system which will get in your way more often than not.
Once all your lives have been depleted, you will have to wait a set amount of time in order to get them back in a quick time.

For such reasons, you can do the trick to get your energy back in a quick time
At this point, you can do it by setting the time ahead on your phone.
The number of balls you need to recover determines how far ahead you need to set the time.

After doing that trick, you have to set the time back to normal.
Then, when you go back to the game, the balls will still be there

Later on, you can keep doing this trick as long as you want when you really need energy to continue the game for further.

king of the course golf guides

Alternatively, you can also use Facebook to get more energy as well.
In line with this, you can ask your friends for energy, and send them energy when they ask you for some.

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