Gold Crystals Cheats Kingdoms and Monsters on Android

Just complete each quest to get crystals as the premium currency of kingdoms and monsters game
Quests will lead your way to take charge and grow your kingdom.

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So you have to find them through the book icon on the left side of the screen and they are like building a cottage or baking bread that will need wheat and water.

Because of completing those quests, you can earn crystals that you can save and use to build structure as quick as possible
Meanwhile, you can use them to purchase many decorations that are not available for purchase with gold.

In line with that, building a lot of resource generators early on will help you expand your kingdom later on whereby you should take the time to build a few extra cottages and to gather wheat, water, sugar, and bread as often as possible.
In addition, save a few crystals to complete other quests that need this currency.

Having many buildings will give you a set number of raw materials and add them to your counter that will be primarily used to expand certain buildings.

Some numerous other resources like water, bread, sugar, buttons, and others ones will be needed to complete quests and upgrade buildings.
On the other side, try increasing your residents by growing the kingdom and placing decorations

Gold can be used to purchase a building, to add new land, to place decorations etc in that it can be gathered by completing quests, building cottages and any other things.

After going through the game, you will meet the marketplace where you can look at orders the townspeople have placed and what you need to give them to complete it.
Try completing these orders to earn gold, experience, and other resources.
Furthermore, when finding people walking around town with an exclamation point above their heads, help them move as they will provide new resources and quests.

Your castle will influence your population and growth and it can be upgraded up to 40 times while increasing your kingdom’s population.

However, if you run out of room, just purchase a deed from the Orc Merchant in which you can purchase a new plot of land.

When expanding into new land, use gold and time to destroy trees, mushrooms, rocks, and crates to find more spaces and to have more room to expand the kingdom.

Moreover, you have to collect resources and fulfill orders at the market to level up and earn a bit of experience to unlock certain buildings.
Completing other quests which requires certain building or decoration will also give big experience.

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