Gold Cheats Kings of the Realm Android

Kings of the Realm is a new MMORTS game, where you are the leader of a realm and exiled from your home kingdom
For such reasons, it is the time to make it back then fight against some enemies, ally with others
And, your main goal is to get your crown back to be the king of the realm again

kings of the realm guides

In this game, your kingdom is divided up into districts
At this point, your four dedicated to specific resource will include the lumber district, food district, the ore district and the stone district

Meanwhile, you should keep dedicated to storing resources and troops, then the civic district for city management.
Anyway, when you want to increase your resources, search for empty spaces to build on within the districts.

Later on, you will have to speed up all of your building upgrades, and all of your new buildings.
In line with this, you have to upgrade each structure to accomplish the same thing as well

Any building in less than five minutes to go can be sped up for free.
And anything taking more than five minutes will need gold to speed up
Alternatively, you can simply wait until it touches the five minute mark and it is going to be free

The main core to have a lot of commanders in this game is to get defense than offense for your territory.
In accordance with this, you can merely send one commander on a raid at a time
On the other side, you are able to send multiple commanders on multiple raids but you can not do it on the same raids.

Before doing so, you can try to scout whoever you will attack to see which commander you should send in
You can try to send one commander to be archers, one to infantry, one to cavalry, one to monsters, and soon.
Doing so will make it easy to send the most advantageous troops in for one specific kingdom or another.

Furthermore, your castle has five different flanks, with room for one commander each.
So if you have less than five commanders, you can simply assign them based on which resources are on top priority.
And in the city itself, try to upgrade your walls in all five of your main districts whereby every wall will merely protect its own district.

In addition, you can always try to keep your recruiters, researchers and your builder working all at the same time so that you can make some upgrades quickly happen in your city.
Remember to always check back to collect resources by hitting the shovel and sickle icon in the right side of the screen.

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