Gems Spurt Cheats Kiwi Dash on Android

Kiwi Dash is a new endless running game, where you will take a role as a kiwi bird which is assigned to collect kiwis and gems, avoid cats and other baddies, and performing some jumps without losing all of your stamina.

kiwi dash guides

If you play kiwi dash game, all you will do is to run and avoid other creatures while collecting more kiwis and gems
Playing this game will require stamina that you will use to fly or to dash into another character along the game.

For such reasons, you will have to save your stamina for as long as possible in which your stamina is properly used on the dashes since ramming into a baddie will increase your score in much quicker.

Furthermore, you will earn more gems by completing every mission that is given to you
On the other side, your experience level will be also increased because of completing those missions

Jumping for kiwis will force you to fly to get to the next platform.
At this point just look ahead and skip the kiwis in order to avoid having to fly to the next platform, so that you can save stamina.
Remember that if you run further, you will end up picking up more kiwis as well, so it ends up being worth it in the end.

Every time you play this game, you will be given three missions at a time
And, each time you complete those three missions, you will gain one experience level.

Then every time you gain one level, your bonus multiplier for your score will increase by 1 percent.
It means you will earn one free gem so that just save up your free gems for goodies such as gem chests or any power up you need indeed.

Each time you sign in the game, you will get daily rewards in the mission quests
Moreover, you will also get weekly rewards for collecting bugs of this game.

Later on, if you sign in the game daily, you will earn thousands of kiwis, with one Kiwi Chest available for free after you sign in for five days straight.
Meanwhile, if you collect the required number of bugs in one week, you will get a chance of having more free Last Spurts and other items.

In addition, with the First Spurt, you can starts off with a free 125 meters
And, the Last Spurt will give you 125 right after you die in each quest.

Besides spurt, you can have power ups include the shield, stamina up, and the kiwi doubler that will give you more kiwis throughout the game.

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