Karat Cheats Kritika Chaos Unleashed on Android

Win some battles to get karat and victory then select from one of just two characters to start with then you will go through each area for the battle with some villains and even boss characters inside it

Kritika Chaos Unleashed Tips

As making progresses form each stage to another, you will be able to unlock all kinds of new characters, as well as all sorts of weapons, armor and other items for them to equip.
Thus, just make use of all of your attacks in battle by holding the regular attack button to use your standard attack combo

On the other side, you will be allowed to use your special attacks as frequently as possible, as these will be the quickest way to deliver splash damage, that will allow you to take care of multiple enemies at once.
At the same time, the others will do tons of damage in a short range, that will be the best it it is used against bosses.

Along the game, run in slow circles, and run slightly faster than the pack of enemies, because the AI causes enemies to mindlessly follow you, in which it will make it easy to line them all up and crowd them together.

Once they are all bunched up, this makes it extremely easy to mow them down in a very short time, while taking the minimum amount of damage as well.
Performing this action will be the most efficient way to take down huge groups of enemies at once.

When getting involved in the battle with boss characters, you can try to execute a hit and run strategy on them.
In the mean time, you should also mix up your attacks, as well as switching back and forth between special attacks and your combos

At this point, you must watch the boss’s pattern first and wait for him to attack, staying out of the way as you observe him
Then, when he attacks and misses, you can bombard him with as many hits as you can before he starts his wind up all over again.
As gaining levels, you will be able to unlock all kinds of ways to improve your equipment and your character at at time.

When being at level 5, you will be able to craft equipment
And, at level 7, you will be able to enhance your equipment.

Crafting and enhancing are two of the fastest, cheapest and most efficient ways to get stronger, so make sure to use of this as often as possible, so that you can enhance your equipment many times over to make it extremely strong.

In addition, if you stuck on tough stages, you can replay old stages as often as you want to.
Doing so will earn you a decent amount of gold, so if you go gold farming in beaten stages
As a result, you will collect enough gold for plenty of enhancements, skill upgrades, and other goodies to increase your strength to deal with the tough stages.

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