Coins Studs Cheats Lego City My City for Android

In lego city my city game, you will be brought to step into the blocky shoes of role models from all over town with seven mini-games based on different themed kits such as Police, Fire and Coast Guard

lego city my city tips

On the other side, you will be allowed to steer great vehicles like the tow truck through city traffic around the town.

You can even fly the helicopter to deliver cargo to the airport and you must dodge the oncoming traffic when doing your job with the chopper.

Moreover, taking to the air for Cargo Drop also uses tilt control where as Coast Guard Rescue uses a virtual control stick to move you helicopter.

As being in fire department, you will have to put out the fires in the building where you simply use your finger to direct the water hose to the burning windows.

Besides, you can also put out the fires in the city or steer the Coast Guard helicopter to rescue shipwrecked from the sharks.

This game will also take to drive fast in the city by speeding across the finish line first in the slotracer game.

When driving your car at the top speed, you will simply tilt you device in order to steer you vehicle on the on-road chase games, whilst the race car game requires you to give your racer gas without speeding too fast into the corners and crashing out.

You can also apply the above control method for on-foot Cops and Robber Chase, with a few action pads that boost your minifig over gaps and bushes during that levels.
There is also an on-screen arrest button that you can launch the LCPD officers at the escaping crooks.

Thus just use the arrow keys while racing levels, and use the space bar to accelerate Octan Racer
And you can use the mouse to take control of the water hose.

Once getting every mission accomplished successfully, you will get studs that you can use to unlock and purchase building.

You can also unlock a number of special unlock codes that can be entered into the online version of this game that will give you even more studs.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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