Bronze Cheats in Zenonina 3 The Midgard Story on Android

If you want to level up quickly in zenonina 3 the midgard story game, just go to the execution room, then you should be very careful cause if your lower level.

Zenonina 3 The Midgard Story

When in a town of delfoy find a man with the word Execution Room at the top of his head
Go to tower of challenger 30 floors

Go to co-op mode then search for a net work that you can select 1 person to play with you and play till you lose.

In order to get level 90 to 99 all you have to do is to beat Antione that is the final boss first.
And keep staying alert of facing Tariq for the first time that will be a pain.
So prepare some Elixirs of Stamina or Mana or anything to travel back in time then unlock hard mode to go to level 90.
Afterward once you beat hard mode, you will unlock Hell mode, whereby you can level up to the maximum level 99.

Guides to use gold in the zen shop of zenonina 3 the midgard story
Just tap on the Zen shop tab on the menu and use your track pad to scroll right to switch you over to a regular shop menu to search the items from the same page.
Scroll again to go away from the Zen items but this method only works for the first page of Zen shop items.
Try to access the other two pages of the Zen shop by clicking the tab, clicking to the desired page, then pressing the 3 button on your keyboard.
Please note that they sell all items for a high amount of gold, but the real prices are much lower.
Some items wont sell in stacks, and buying gold gives you gold item in your inventory.
Just give more space you have to use another glitch to delete it.

Steps to beat the monster contaminating the river in maru island
For a nature shaman just place fire totems then run
For a sword knight try to level up first then get better skills
For a mech launcher just use snap shot over and over to kill it
For a shadow hunter try to use wild sting to get the monster poisoned then repeat this skill until it die but when you use this skill you must avoid the skill of the monster as it will be very hurt.

How to get the ten bronze mining in zenonina 3 the midgard story
Just go up to the crystal in blue shine while looking things outside of delfoy till you have to be on the side of them
Then hit your attack button repeatedly and you will notice to bring out a pick axe and mine the crystal.
Just go near the shiny blue crystals near the ladder and just press the attack button repeatedly.
In order to mine 5 bronze pieces is to go to the white rocks you see then go beside them and press attack button to start mining automatically n get bronze but you have to get hurry a its glow is over you will mine it no more

How to get a higher defense and armor for a Ml level in zenonina 3 the midgard story
Just get it from the dark merchant that appears at specific times of night in the temple where you heal your self
Always remember as the high armor level might cost around 50,000 gold

How to get experience in level 60 for a shadow hunter
Do not play the game in easygame mode
Just finish the game one time then you can up more than 60.
Beat it all the way threw and you will start gaining

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