Crystals Cheats Line Cookie Run on Android

When playing line cookie run game, you must collect coins and crystals throughout the game
Here, you play as a gingerbread cookie attempting to escape from the witch’s oven, with random pets that will be your helper along the way.

line cookie run tips

In line with some coins that you will earn in your runs, silver coins will be worth 1 coin apiece, and gold ones will be worth 10 coins apiece
Therefore if you want to max out your coins, simply jump for the gold ones when you see them.

In your attempt to get more coins, try not to focus on the coins that you miss everything else including jellies, power ups and energy boosts
Just go for a long distance to get a high score so that you can get a lot of coins in the process.
Meanwhile, you can get all of the bonus time letters to go flying into the air while collecting loads of coins along the way.

On other side, by increasing your experience level, you will earn a large coin bonus and gift points, that will give you a chance to earn huge coin bonuses.
Moreover, every 100 gift points will earn you a lucky draw, so that you can huge coin bonuses.

Furthermore, you will start off with a 5% coin bonuses, and increase your level if you purchase new pets for coin bonuses, and purchase cookies such as the Buttercream Choco Cookie.
According to this, particular pets work by transforming objects into coins, while others simply help you get farther into a stage one way or another.

If you want to earn extra crystals, you have to level up your character and check your main for various events then complete them to earn free crystals.

On the other side, you can buy the 2X bonus so that you can gain experience points at double the speed
So if you can run farther in a round, you will earn more crystals as your reward.
You can also check out the current events in your mailbox as it will earn you free crystals, among other assorted bonuses.

Lives in this game can be purchased with crystals
However, if you are running out of lives, you can log onto the line app, and add some people that you can send lives back and forth with.

Plus, you can play more and upgrade your cookie and pets, and you can also buy new cookies and pets in order to earn more coins and points to run along the game.

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