Trophy Cheats Line Go! Go! Go! on Android

When playing line go go go game, you must get extra coins and trophies by completing the main goal that is to rev up your car as far as you can while collecting as many coins and trophies along the way
Also, you should max out your points and knock your rival off of the track as well.

line go go go tips

In this game, when your competitors appears on the track, they will run a bit faster than yours
And, even if you are going slow and being in the middle of a number of speed boosts, they will be going after your car, making him far easier to take over .

Later on, they will come on the track at around per segment of the track, so if you want to beat your rival, you can wait for any speed boosts until your rival shows up.

Friend points is the way to earn you more car capsules
According to this line, you need to be signed into line in order to get these friends points.

On the other side, top speed is the most important factor when you want to beat your rival.
At this point, a combination of top speed and fuel economy will help you go as long as possible before you run out of gas.

Meanwhile, weight will help you to slow down less when you run into another car
Then, acceleration will help you speed up faster after crashing into the other one.

In addition, if you want to collect a rare or above car, you can play as a guest
Thus, whenever you switch to a new connection, you lose your saved info whereby you can play the tutorial for more in order to go for the capsules.
If you can get what car you really dream of, you can restart the game until the capsule provides you a rare or above car that you want.

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