Gems Cheats Little Galaxy on Android

Playing little galaxy game will get you to jump from a plane to another while picking up gems
Here, you play as the little boy who is traveling around the space while jumping space boots so he can start his journey to find a new home.
On the other words, it is all about space jumping, with challenging quests and star dust on space.

little galaxy tips

When playing this game, you simply pay attention to the challenges for each level as you need to get as many points as possible.
Furthermore, you will be prompted to perform other tasks in which you have to use the stars to guide your leaps past suns.
Later on this game, the planets you land on look solid and you will be assigned to collect the gems throughout gameplay.

When accomplishing your jump, you need to collect gems and power-ups that will help you collect more gems
However, if you miss a planet you fly off of the screen and start the game again.

Early on, you will start off on level 1.1, and you have complete achievements that pop up on your screen in order to go to level 1.2 and so on and so forth
At this point, the obstacles change and get harder the more you go on like in a normal level-based game

In addition, you will get involved in dozens of stages with challenging quests with unique levels re-generated after every replay and many planets, power ups, bonuses, combos availble on this game

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