How to Get Loot and XP to Complete Quests in Life is Magic on Android

When playing life is magic game, just follow Isambard to complete some quests in this game
Here, you will simply tap on the quest icon in the top right corner of the screen to see all available quests in this game to be completed.

Life is Magic

Afterward tap on the quest title to learn the quest details including a description of the quest and the tutorial of how to complete it along with any rewards as well.
Once completing every quest you must tap on the treasure chest to gather your rewards such as gold and crystals.

When getting back to the map screen, simply tap and hold on the screen and then drag to move it so that Isambard will set a place for you to settle.
Meanwhile he sets out to settle your character down just pan the camera to that area then tap on the spot.
In order to complete a quest you must pan the camera and enter a cavern and break the lock on a cavern door by tapping and holding on the lock until it unlocks then face your first enemy, a goblin most likely.

Simply use your skills on the left side of the screen to attack an enemy during the game.
Tap on “Weapon” to use your weapon to attack
Tap on “Spells” to cast a spell with magic skills
Tap on “Defend” to defend your position and absorb less damage.

Afterward you will need to tap on the enemy you wish to attack then just watch the turn play out with your character attacking to defeat enemy attacks.
Try using your magic skills with the “Spells” action then use a spell by tapping on it and your character will then cast it.
Once beating every enemy you will earn gold as a reward used to upgrade your gear for the next mission.

Note that if you die in a particular dungeon, you lose all of the loot you have collected within it.

Before entering a dungeon such as in a cavern, you have to choose either to continue in the dungeon with the risk of the loot you have got so far for the chance to get more or to leave the dungeon and keep all collected loot guaranteed for the next journey.
So keep moving to go in the dungeon in order to collect more loot

Once leaving a dungeon, you will get a notice of your final total of loot collection.
On the other side you will also collect enough XP within a dungeon to level up so that it will give you more HP, attack power and MP to fight in the battlefield.

In addition just tap on various buildings and cast a spell on on the map screen to increase your influence.
Then tap on the venue then hold down on the spell icon to cast the spell.
By doing so you will now have influence on the building and also get gold and XP as a bonus reward.

When being in a fight you can use any other item by tapping on the “Items” button then tapping on the potion or item.
After doing so tap on your character to confirm the use of it.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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