Rockets Bikes Cheats Mad Skills Motocross 2 on Android

Mad Skills Motocross 2 is a racing game, where you will be given to show off with back and front flips throughout each race.
Also, you have to accomplish a goal for each race that is to finish first and to be the champion for high score.

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Furthermore, in the way of making some insane stunts, if are in the air when jumping your bike, try to show off with a flip.
At the same time, be sure you have got the leverage to land properly, because a crash can easily cost you the lead.

Landings your bike will be the main point in this game
During the show, if you land on a front or back wheel wrong, you will give your opponent the opportunity to pass by.

Therefore, try to use the front and back arrows to adjust how you will land, and make sure you nail it as perfectly as possible.
Doing that action will allow you to keep up the current speed you have, so you can continue your racing with great engine.

And when coming to hill track, try to adjust accordingly, while turning your bike so that it will land on the side of the hill.
If you are in a good speed, you should be able to continue your run without losing speed.

Moreover, during in the hills track, keep the adjustment as it should be and you will fly over easily while your opponent tries to figure out what is going on.

The main point of landing in this game is that you need to adapt and master the landing based on the obstacles ahead.
Then you simply lean forward when you need to catch speed or when you need to balance your bike.
Remember that a great landing will be just as important as a good launch on a jump as well.

Performing wheelie can be a nice little speed boost when you are racing against someone whereby you do not need to worry about dragging your front wheel.

However, you can lose balance rather easily, especially if you are coming up on a hill.
Thus you can only use your wheelie if you have a good straight piece of track to drive on.
On the other side, mastering the wheelie will help you complete each race, beat the ace time and beat your opponents as well.

This game provides the option to buy bikes and rockets to help give you a speed burst along the game.
In accordance with this, you will start a bike with enough speed, and getting rockets could easily send you careening out of control.

Meanwhile, you can stick with your current model then try unlocking some new bikes, in which you can do this while progressing through each race and try to be the first among the other players.

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