Cash Bribe Cheats Make It Rain The Love of Money on Android

If you play make it rain the love of money game, you can get extra free money through free offers
This game will let you try to manage your activity that you will have the main goal that is to earn massive amounts of money in any other way.

make it rain love of money tips

In this game, you will simply swipe the screen to make money in that you can swipe with two hands, so that you can swipe at maximum speed without sliding the phone around.

In line with this, all you will first do is to buy the business investments, whereby they will increase your dollar multipliers per swipe so that you can earn more cash instantly.
Then use the money from that to finance the purchase of political investments and financial investments.

Buying financial investments will allow you to put the phone down for awhile so that you can still earn money, because they will collect cash every second while the game is open on your screen.

Purchasing the financial investments will also give you the biggest return on investments.
At this point, you can figure this out, calculate the money per second earned relative to the price.

On the other side, purchasing the political stuff will earn you money while you are disconnected from the game.
According to this, try to fill the bucket right away by setting the time forward in your phone’s date and time settings.
Then go back to the game and collect the money.
You can do that trick as much as you like

Anyway, in order to speed up your bucket earnings, just set the time ahead on your phone for an hour or so based on what it takes.
Afterwards, you can go back to the game, collect from the bucket
Once collecting the bucket, you can then go back to the date and time settings and you should put the time back to normal.

In addition, as you swipe, sometimes a gold buck will appear to earn you a huge amount of cash.
In accordance with this, you can try to take advantage of the freebies in the far right store icon as this will make the earnings come in faster by multiples.

On the other words, you will have the most return-on-investment by upgrading your business investments in which your financial investments will provide a far better return.

At a time, yo will get into the low billions for the first time that will be your fund to be available for purchase at that point
Doing so will provide you a massive return on investment and will make it easier simply to let the game sit while you collect money.

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