Gems Coins Cheats Thor Lord of Storms Android

Just try to gather up coins and gems to get power ups upgrades in thor lord of storms game
Coins and gems are the main currency of this game that can be collected through the battle with enemies

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Beasts sometimes drop coins and mana after being killed then you must move your character to the drops to claim them before they vanish.

Once getting enough coins, you can use them to purchase upgrades for your character, allies and other deployable items in the game.

Because of getting your hero upgraded with some power ups, your character and allies’ will reach their maximum health and improve your stats and unlock new skills

Meanwhile those power ups will increase their attack and skill while leveling up the arrow towers to deal more damages on enemies in the battle.
So build up and upgrade your armies to defeat the harbingers of Ragnarok

In addition you can use the gems to get advanced upgrades for certain items such as the additional skill slots and ally slots.

Choose one of your hero amongst heroes including mighty Thor, wise Freya or intrepid Brunhilde with using their skills to strike against the forces of evil, fight against demons, giants and monsters then confront their masters like Loki is the trickster, Surt is the bringer of flame, and Fenrir is the great wolf.

As being the mighty thunder god Thor, armed with the magical hammer Mjolnir, you have defeat your enemies and destroy dark magical portals throughout the worlds of Yggdrasil.
On the other side you can use Freya’s sorcery to turn the tide of battle.

Meanwhile summoning the other gods of Asgard namely Odin, Tyr and Eir as well as other creatures and figures from Norse mythology will help you win in epic campaign

Whilst playing as a hero, you will be charged with deploying Magic Tower, Arrow Tower, and other structures, unleashing their skills, summoning allies, and defending their portal against waves of beasts.

On the other word you will have full control of your hero to move him or her to the right, encounter the beasts, and deploy any means to prevent them from approaching the portal on the left, or at least from destroying it.

During the battle, you will deploy your allies to help in fighting against the monsters and take their attacks.
As a result you will win only after defeating all the beasts and will lose if your hero is killed or the portal destroyed by the opponents.

Your mana meter will be recharged automatically after the battle starts so that with enough mana, you can summon the allies that will be helpful to get through the portals.

The allies of different attributes will be available once you unlock specific levels on the winding path across the woods, icy lake and volcanic area on the map.

When fighting against enemies in the battle, you must wisely use of your resources to slay monsters and obtain the rewards

Therefore by using your resource wisely, you will be able to upgrade the characters, skills, and structures, that will enable you to keep an edge in battles.

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