Crystal Cheats Marvel Run Jump Smash on Android

Marvel Run Jump Smash is an endless running action where you will be allowed to play as Hulk, Iron Man and other characters while collecting coins and unlocking new abilities.

marvel run jump smash tips

Playing marvel run jump smash game will allow you to play as marvel heroes and gather up gold and gems to unlock new heroes
Besides, the currencies such as gems or gold coins, you will also gather tokens that you can use to play another heroes in a while

Every hero in this game will provide you offensive capabilities, like Iron Man with his lasers, Black Widow with her guns and Thor’s Mjolnir with his hammer, and they can also perform special jump techniques throughout the game.

If you play as Hulk, you can perform a smash move on guarded enemies, while Captain America can double jump and reach coins higher in the air.
Meanwhile, you can also unlock a third playable character in the game that is Agent Coulson.

During the game, you will face three types of foes namely general enemies, larger enemies and shielded enemies that will also have special abilities to worry about.

When fighting against general enemies, try to shoot them with any of your given characters as they usually go down with one hit.
Battling with larger enemies will require a little more firepower to bring down, but you can deliver a couple of shots when facing them in the combat zone.

However, shielded enemies can not be hit by guns, whereby you must try jumping on their heads instead.
For such reason, you will give them a critical hit that will get you pass them and continue your run.

Once collecting enough gems, you should upgrade their special abilities in low or high capacity with 100 gold or 1 gem, in which you can also purchase various enhancements to improve your run.

With IOS-8 Strength, you will be protected from one obstacle or minion.
Coin Value will boost your coin value a certain percentage.
You have to spend 600 coins to start with Power-Up Duration that increases the duration of invincibility and Magnet power-ups.

Wasp’s Wings requires 400 gold that will give you a 390 meter head start on your run.
Captain’s Shield costs 200 gold which prevents defeat from collision with an obstacle a single time.
Using Doctor Strange’s Charm will give you a special attack bar up 50 percent.
Protection of Mjolnir will keep your your special attack bar full as you change back to your SHIELD character and you need 100 gold for a one-time use.
Super Hero’s Spirit will increase your run with your current super hero for 20 seconds, in that it will cost you 300 gold.

In addition, if If you want to get the better heroes and characters in the game, you have to spend gems.
Moreover, you can also take advantage of promo offers to earn gold awards, in which you simply do actions like signing up for surveys.

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