Material Credits Cheats Mechs Warfare on Android

Playing mechs warfare game will get you to win more battle to get either credits or material x as the premium currency of this game
Mechs Warfare is like most first-person shooters, where you will aim the crosshairs over the enemy and tap either side of the screen then release some blasts from the respective weapon.

mechs warfare tips

In order to perform your actions, all you will do is to tilt your device left, right, down, and up and you will find a crosshairs in the center of your screen.

When fighting against enemies in the battle, pay attention to a heat gauge in the center of the screen where you can shoot your enemies with your preferred weapons

According to the gauge, if you continuously fire your weapon longer, the meter will fill for more.
And if it reaches the top, you cannot use that weapon until the meter is completely empty.

If you use other weapons, like rocket launchers, you will receive an ammo gauge in which it is a limit of how many shots you get in a single load.
During the battle, your main goal is to deplete the health of the opposing mech where your health bar is shown at the bottom of the screen, while your enemy’s health is shown closer to the top.

In the way of getting your victory, you can mix and match rockets with machine guns so that you can deliver more attack to deplete your enemies hp.
besides, always watch your meters and always attack more often.

After going through the tough battle, you will earn either material x or credits as your reward in which you can use it to do some upgrades for your mechs

Meanwhile, after going some the battles, always remember to log in to claim the daily reward.
For more bonus, just link your Facebook accounts into this game and share moments on Facebook that will net you higher rewards.

When looking for mechs and weapons, you need Material X and you will receive an offer which costs more Material X later on.
To protect your mechs, just click the “Armor” button that will allow you to upgrade the defense for your mechs in that when upgrading past certain points, you can spend enough currencies that will be credits and Material X for getting your mechs armored well.
Besides armor, you must upgrade your weapons that are in the “left weapon” and “right weapon” menus.

With Material X, you can change your paint job and also offer you various perks such as boosts in experience points or credits won from battle.
On the other side, you can purchase new vehicles in the Mech Shop on the bottom of the hangar screen.
However, if you are not a high enough level, you will need unlock the mech of your choice with Material X before purchasing it with that currency.

Moreover, you should customize your mechs with some power ups that you can purchase with either credits or Material X then once getting your mechs equipped with those power ups, you can use them in battle by pressing the appropriate button.

If your mechs come to overheating in the battle, you can use an alternate guns and shoot exclusively with the left gun until the heat gauge is about 75% full, then switch to the right gun at the same moment.
After the right gauge is mostly full, you can use the left gun to perform your best action.

In addition, you can change your mechs with Old Rusty, the default mech temporarily.
As you should notice, that Old Rusty is far from an amazing vehicle, but you can ass a few upgrades for armor and weapons to hold its own in battle, especially when you equip power-ups.

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