Medals and Stripes Cheats Military Draco Android

In playing military draco game, you can play 14 levels for free and you have to control Draco that is the world’s first Military Dragon.
Then try to complete and solve level in military draco game where you have to use fireballs in order to eliminate enemies across different levels filled with tricky physics and fiendish puzzles

Military Draco guides

Just hit the targets including chicken in cages, ghosts, Christmas trees, vampires and pumpkins in different themed stages full of unique artwork
Solve puzzle to hit the target so that you will get award as the enemies have been neutralized

Tips to fire the fireballs from the dragon
You have to pull Draco’s tail and watch his mouth fill with heat
Afterward you have to aim at the target and just release and fire it
Burn the objects in your way and drop some flame on your foes.

But Draco will run out of breath eventually; you’ve only got
You have to get a couple of shots to keep the draco mouth hot as it will allow you to do more shooting
Try to earn more stripes and three medals for each level
Test yourself on bonus levels strictly for high scorers by having a great shot at the target
Beware of addictive puzzle levels which test your puzzle-solving skills and accuracy in this game.

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