Medals to Summon and Evolve Heroes in Grand Sphere Android

Silicon Studio has new JRPG called Grand Sphere that is specially made for android users
Here, you will have to guide and command your heroes to protect Astrum and save Princess Stella of the Tellan Empire.

grand sphere walkthrough ios android

Each hero here will be equipped with some skills that can be launched to beat enemies at once in this game
You can also team up with your friends to defeat tough Bounty Bosses altogether

Every time, your heroes fight against enemies, they will gain experience points that will be useful to level up.
In order to gain more experience points, you must clear quests with other units in Enhance.

There, your units will be strengthened by a Enhancer of the same a tribute will result in a greater amount of EXP gained.
You can also use Enhancers such as fairies to get more experience points

Later on, you can evolve your heroes with the proper material units once they have reached max level.
At this point, you will need a special mana egg to evolve normal units
In line with this, you can evolve your heroes a maximum of 2 times.

On the other side, you can also party with your friends to battle with enemies in this game
In accordance with this, you can battle together with up to 4 people in real time.

Just choose a Bounty boss from the board in the pub gather allies, then team up together to defeat a powerful enemy.
Every time, you can beat a boss in this game, you will get Medals that you can get from the Medal Shop.

To win each battle, you can try changing your party make-up or using Spheres differently.
Also, try making strong equipment or scout a strong unit in your party.

For further, you will also be able to craft pieces of equipment at the Smithy.
At this phase, you will need medals and luna to be used to craft equipment.
You can get both medals and luna from quests.

Besides, you will also get special materials to craft strong equipment.
To get such materials, you can get them from Limited Quests and the Medal Shop

Meanwhile, you can also manage which Summons you want to use during a quest in which you can choose one Summon from each rank.
In order to get these summons, you can get them by clearing quests or you can get medals at the Exchange in this game.

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