MSP Medals Cheats Metal Slug Defense on Android

Metal Slug Defense is a new tower defense game based on the Metal Slug franchise, the SNK shoot em up classic that provides endless amounts of gameplay and some major challenges as well.

metal slug defense tips

You will command groups of soldiers and units to attack enemy strongholds and troops while collecting medals to upgrade your units to make them stronger along the game.

Everytime you play in each stage, you need a certain amount of energy, and once you run out you either have to buy more or wait for it to come back.
For such reasons, you can just set the time ahead on your phone or tablet in order to recover your energy instantly.

Anyway, a full recovery will need about 3 hours off of the time on your phone.
Then once you go back to the game, you will see your restored energy
After getting energy based on what you need, you can set the time back to normal and keep your energy.

On the other side, you can also set the time backwards enough so that you have an hour left to play on the stages.
Doing so will allow you to keep playing, and keep setting the time backwards until you beat them especially for emergency stages.

In this game, the tougher stages will require you to play on single speed, and you are tempted to play every stage on double speed
Along the game, you will need to use all of your Metal Slug Attacks where you tap a character and use their special attack while aiming them right in order to win.

You will have to take out enemy fighters well before they get to your base
It is caused by if they get to your base, you are usually going to lose in short order.

MSP is the main currency of the game which you can use to buy more upgrades
Having some upgrades will help you beat tough stages, in which you can go back to an older stage and play and win again
By going through some stages, you will get the same amount of prize MSP that you would have if it had been your first time playing.

In addition, tapping the girl in the lower left corner will level up your AP gain, so that you will increase your maximum AP that will go up faster.
In accordance with this, you can do this at least once per stage, because the base AP gain speed is insufficient for managing increasingly higher numbers of troops.
At the same time, you can try to work in 2 or 3 AP level ups per stage.

Moreover, make sure to tap the backpack-carrying people in the lower left corner in order to generate more medals.
In between rounds, you can use medals to upgrade your offensive and defensive tools and you can unlock new soldier types, as well as weapons that will help you deal with tough opponents.

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