Red Gems Cheats MetalBuster on Android

Playing metalbuster will get you to complete each goal for more bonuses including diamonds and coins
In this new beat-em-up game, you must accomplish your whole goal that is to go from area to area, punch, kick and shoot hordes of monsters, and go forward.

metalbuster tips

Meanwhile, you will be able to earn extra bonuses such as new robots, coupon codes, coins and gems, leading to either new and more powerful robots, or ways to enhance your current robot.

For further of the gameplay, you will go through the levels where you need to level up your heroes
In line with this, yo can go back to stages that you have already beaten and replay them again.

After replaying those old stages, you will earn quite a few coins, which you can then put to use in the lottery area to have an access of acquiring new robots and either equipping them or melting them down.

In the way of getting some equipment for your robot, you simply go to the endless battle mode and fight for as long as you can.
At this point, you have to try to complete each battle, whereby you will be rewarded with better equipment as bonus.
So just keep going back and testing your skills for the best equipment possible.

Along the game, you will always rely on your energy where it controls how many times you can use your booster and your three special skills.
For such reasons, if you run out of energy, just stand around to come back over time.
On the other side, your hit points and energy can also be restored by picking up drops from enemies after you beat them.

Thus, just save your three special moves for the enemies with projectile attacks, since they tend to be the most troublesome.
Anyway, special attacks will be great for the projectile shooters and for enemies with small amounts of hit points

However, you have to use your punching combos for defeating boss enemies and enemies with high quantities of health.
According to this, if you keep a combo going, you can essentially immobilize an enemy so that they will not do just as much damage as the special attacks.

In addition, you can ignore the boosters unless you really need them to pass a difficult stage or you want to get as far as possible on the endless mode.

Therefore, by taking part in that mode, you will often earn you free boosters, so that you can use them on the toughest stages like in the boss battle stages.

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