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Micromon is the latest Pokemon clone with a bit of an unfair characterization in which it will provide you over 130 different monsters to catch the you can evolve them to make them stronger than before.

Micromon iPhone Review

Furthermore, you will be able to evolve your characters so that they will quite be a bit stronger
In line with this, your monsters evolve based on experience level, in which it means you will have to grind the old fashioned way in order to get them where you want them to be.

In the mean time, just stay alert of the development level whereby the higher it is, the more stats your Micromon will gain as they increase experience levels.

Later on, if you can catch a new Micromon and you want to help it catch up in levels, you can send it in for one turn then swap it out
On the other hand, you can also send it in for the final turn when the enemy has taken all kinds of damage and let it have the final hit.

Any Micromon that participates in a battle will get an equal share of the experience points, so use this to your advantage when leveling up new Micromon.

Meanwhile, you can simply try to catch as many Micromon as you can so that you can increase your total.
Moreover, even if you catch only a one or two-star Micromon, you should check their statistics and their development level
For such reasons, sometimes common or uncommon Micromon can trump even the rare ones in this game.

Along the game, you must always stock up some items in your backpack.
Having potions in side your bag will restore your Micromon’s hit points
And, ether restores their stamina then elixir restores both while curing all status ailments.

Always remember to revive brings back fallen Micromon during in the battle.
Try to grind for coins if you need to in order to afford more stuff, because having a loaded backpack makes any tough battle easier.
Everytime your Micromon participate in any action like the battles that they fight in, their experience points will also increase

On the other side, the Micromon that lands the kill shot will get the most experience overall.
Thus, just wait until the very end of the battle, then send in the one you are trying to level up and let it strike the fatal blow.
In accordance with this, you can repeat that action to rapidly level your micromon into rare ones.

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