More Points Cheats Mini Turbo GP on Android

When playing mini turbo gp, be sure to wear helmet and fasten your seat belt then drive carefully along the tracks

mini turbo gp tips

When going to race on each track, you will have to learn the tracks especially for the tricky turns and you have to stay alert of any obstacle ahead.

According to this, you must play the same track in few times so that you will know it perfectly which will lead you to win every race.

During the race, you will get through the wide turns, and also taking tight turns that will test your skill of driving.

When going to the tight turns, just use the break to do so
However, when doing so you must try not to keep it pressed for too long

On the other side, if you can get through these tight turns without the break, you will be rewarded with the bonus speed.

When you have collected certain points along the race, you will be provided with useful power-ups, such as the grip bonus, super bonus that will let you race on grass without a penalty or nitro bonus that will speed up your car throughout the races.

For such reasons, you must try to get them as many as possible because you will need these power ups to help you win each race.

Along the race track, you will sometimes meet some obstacles such as water puddles, candies, oil puddles or anything in common that will slow you down one way or another.

Usually, they will remain in the same spot for the entire duration of the race, so it will give you a clue to avoid them so that you can win each race smoothly.

This game relies on the power of the car where you will struggle to get one of the best cars available on this game to be used to sustain your racing career

Therefore, if you have powerful car, you will stand on better time and you will also get chances to win 1st position and to be a champion as well.
Thus, you have to try unlocking a new and better car then use it to compete in the next races.

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