Money Bells Cheats Line Tiny Farm Android

When playing line tiny farm game, you can get money from selling the product of your sheep
Breeding animals will be your main duty to produce livestock which you can sell to earn money used to build better farm you have dreamed of.

line tiny farm walkthrough

Some unique animals will be born and raised in your virtual farm.
So make sure to get those animals taken care well so that they will give positive feedback like having some sheep wool to be sold for money
In addition, this simulation game will test your knowledge of farming to be successful businessman

As being the owner of tiny farm, you will help sheep Ben take of it, while slowly expanding the farm.
During expanding your farm process, you can manage your own style of farm by breeding your favorite animals and your own unique designs.

Therefore it will be the way of creating your dreamed farm.
After receiving work request from Ben, you have to upgrade farm’s facility level in order to increase the number of animals.
By doing so you will have more animals and more livestock to be exchanged into money cash

You can play together with your line friends so that you and your friends can compete to reach the highest score and money stock

Occasionally, you have to visit your friend’s farm and petting the animals.
For such reason your friend will visit your farm as well.

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