Money Cheats for Happy Chef Full Levels Android

Try to complete each objective in each level to make money in happy chef game
Here, you must cook more than 100 meals and create new meal taken from different ingredients to make delicious dish to your restaurant`s visitor

happy chef review walkthrough

During the play of this game you will have to complete more than 70 levels with some different meals order from various visitors
By having a good satisfaction response of your visitor you will make money so that you have to stay on your toes with serving the customers sell in your restaurant
But make sure to not burn the food when cooking them
In addition it will take more than 25 hours to complete the game

Increase your master chef skill by making some nice dishes on the table
This simulation game will test your culinary skills of creating tons of different dishes with a bunch of ingredients and get the visitors satisfaction when eating them

Your skill of cooking will be tested when kitchen has an order to make menu for visitors based on what food they want to eat
In the beginning you will make hamburgers and hot dogs as your first job then you have to work your way to becoming the best known restaurant in the country by serving some delicious dishes for everyone coming to your restaurant

Get your restaurant decorated to have a different look and to attract more visitors
When having your journey to be a maser chef you will work on 5 different restaurants while creating new meals to cook with some new ingredients to use to make a nice dish

Meanwhile after having enough money cash you can buy buy new furniture and find awesome accessories to make a good decoration of every restaurant
Remember to do some upgrades for your kitchen and restaurant that enhance your menu and modernize your restaurant in 5 locations

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